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March 5, 2021

40+ Signs You will Never Get Married


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Have you ever wondered if you’ll ever settle down and tie the knot?

Here are the signs that suggest you will never get married, according to therapists and relationship experts:

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Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, Ed.S., LMFT

Sharon Gilchrest O'Neill

Marriage & Family Psychotherapist | Author, A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage: The Essentials for Long-Lasting Togetherness

There are definite characteristics or behaviors that suggest a person will never get married.

Here are the ones that I believe tend to be the critical ones:

1. You would rather not be a team player

Your personality and ease with your life suggest that you are quite independent – for example, you have chosen the kind of work and career that allows for you to be your own boss.

To be a good team player takes energy and effort in collaboration, and a desire for the team to be the best it can be – some thrive on working together. Others find it laborious.

“Bear in mind that marriage can only work as a team effort, as a team sport of sorts.”

2. You prefer not to have someone counting on you, for your attention or help

It feels suffocating. You may have grown up, unfortunately, with adults that you eventually learned not to count on – they had their issues – so you became good at taking care of yourself. It feels better for you when others take care of themselves too.

3. Your career is likely to always be your priority in life

You have done all the right things to have a great career – good education, continuing learning to stay on top of your field, and working all kinds of hours that you deem necessary, whatever it takes. You cannot imagine where you would find the time for other priorities.

4. You are happy to spend evenings alone

You enjoy your own company. And you have friends that you’ll spend time with periodically. You also have a family full of aunts and uncles, and cousins getting married and having babies, and your immediate family is always planning the next gathering. There is enough going on for you.

5. You do not want to have children

You’ve never really liked babies or toddlers – you’ve done enough babysitting to know that about yourself. You have never seen yourself as a mother. And the world doesn’t really need everyone adding to population growth.

6. You are not sure you believe in the institution of marriage

Marriage is also another part of life that you’ve seen enough about to know that it isn’t for you. Divorces all around. Friends continually having issues while living together, then when married, then when the kids come, it never stops.

“You do have to truly believe in the institution of marriage.”

7. You would rather not have the responsibility of being a partner and all that entails

You have had your experiences over earlier years and never felt that being in a relationship was really worth it. Guys wanted too much of your time, it often seemed it was only about sex, they didn’t understand you and your goals, and they cheated on you. Seems there is too little for too much work.

8. You recognize that you do not easily share

Given your independent nature, the thought of sharing money, as one example, would be a difficult step for you to take.

“Be sure to share your dreams with each other regularly.”

9. You prefer to travel alone

You love the freedom of travel, and you never really feel alone. You like meeting new people in different places and moving at your own pace when away. And you even enjoy eating alone.

The men you’ve shared a bed with occasionally seem to always have disrupted your life. And your sleep!

“On the subject of sleep, always try to go to bed together – even when you are mad at each other, even if you’ve been fighting all day, and even if you know that you can’t make everything perfect before bedtime.”

11. Sex isn’t all that important

You like sex now and then, but it’s never really been all that great. And more importantly, you do not want to be required to make it a priority with a partner.

Lastly, “You must put your spouse first at times. Make a sacrifice. If you cannot, marriage just isn’t for you.”

Amber Lee

Amber Lee photo

Luxury Matchmaker & Relationship Expert, Select Date Society

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12. You are non-traditional

You create your own path in life and don’t follow traditions or conform to social norms. You could definitely commit to a partner, but you would rather be like Oprah & Stedman than have a traditional marriage.

You may picture spending your life with someone, but not as husband and wife.

13. The logistics of a marriage certificate ruin the romance for you

You are a hopeless romantic and being in deep love is more important than marital tax breaks or combining finances. You dread the idea of becoming “a married couple” with no passion.