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July 21, 2021

Dating tips from a Certified Matchmaker

Our CEO had a great time talking to Andreas on Virginia This Morning today! Check out her interview for summer dating advice!

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Upscale Dating

Amber Lee, CEO of Select Date Society shares her insight, tips, and the many services Select Date Society has to offer in this post-pandemic society.By: Virginia This Morning Posted at 2:17 PM, Jul 21, 2021 and last updated 2:17 PM, Jul 21, 2021

RICHMOND, Va. — Dating has continued to change over the past year or so. Amber Lee, CEO of Select Date Society shares her insight, tips, and the many services Select Date Society has to offer in this post-pandemic society. For more information on Amber and Select Date Society, visit their website.

The Select Date Society Story:

The partnership of Amber & Sandra began with an idea of becoming the “Ritz Carlton” of matchmaking. They both believe that if the focus is on client outcomes, rather than the next new client, then the business would take care of itself. With 50 years of combined experience in the industry, they have not only created the best dating options for accomplished single professionals, but have also hired the best team of professional matchmakers in the industry. This highly seasoned group of matchmakers has the expertise and experience that deliver clients the results they deserve!

The strength of the company comes from the combined talents of both Amber & Sandra. Amber has forged incredible relationships throughout the years and has brought that breadth of resources to the company. Success in this industry is definitely all about the resources you have and the relationships you have maintained.

Sandra has focused her attention to the experience of the customer and how SDS could elevate that for their clients. This was accomplished by creating an environment where clients feel like family, rather than just another number in a pool of people. SDS is a place where clients now have a way to engage in their dating life with a positive attitude and a genuine excitement for what’s next. Clients know that the company they invested in, is equally as invested in their outcome and will support their efforts in every way possible.

While SDS takes care of your heart, know you will take care of someone else’s. Select Date Society will donate a portion of your membership directly to the American Heart Association. Amber has an extraordinary personal story of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest and miraculously survived. To honor Amber’s miracle, SDS is committed to giving back to this incredible organization with every heart we touch!

American Heart Association

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