Cosmo: 16 Sex Cravings All Women Have

December 5, 2020

Sexual preferences are a lot like how you order your pizza. In the same way some people dig pineapple or pepperoni or cauliflower crust, everyone has a different sexual taste too. That’s because sexual preferences span across a spectrum, and what may turn someone on might have the very opposite effect for someone else.

But even though every individual is different, there are a few solid things you should always keep in mind when having sex with a woman. And if you want to unlock those secrets, I’d highly recommend you 1) Communicate and ask your partner what she’s into, or 2) Refer to the tips in this article.

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Because regardless of if this is a new partner or someone you’ve consistently had sex with, there are some things most women crave in the bedroom, but don’t necessarily want to ask for. In other words, you’re welcome for the peek inside the woman brain:

Time and attention

It may seem like an obvious “duh” but you’d be surprised by how quickly things can move in the moment. For sex of any kind, choose to take the scenic route instead of the short cut, advises certified sexologist Gail Crowder. “Start from the top of our head and go all the way down to our toes. It truly takes women 10-20 minutes to reach orgasm, so having a patient partner helps us experience sexual fulfillment,” she says.


The only thing hotter than feeling like a priority is the sun itself. “Women want a partner who puts her needs first and makes her pleasure a priority,” says dating expert Jaida Pervis, a senior VP at matchmaking firm Select Date Society. “The great thing about being a selfless lover is that your partner will want to reciprocate.” (Which seems like a win-win here.)