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March 6, 2023

n this article we will talk about some of the best day and night date ideas in Los Angeles.

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no additional cost for you.

Let’s be real, coming up with an original and unique date idea is not always easy.

And sometimes we end up choosing the same activities – going out for a coffee, going to the movies – over and over again.

The Los Angeles area is full of places and activities that are perfect for you if what you’re looking for is an unforgettable date.

If you want to impress your partner, here are some of the best date ideas in Los Angeles, according to some local experts.

1. Rent a Boat

Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset from a private yacht? Probably not.

And if you don’t have a yacht or a sailboat, no worries, you can easily rent one.

A great app I recommend is GetMyBoat, it’s like the Airbnb of boats. You will find boats in Marina del Rey and Long Beach.

Another similar app you can try is Boatsetter.

Like GetMyBoat, Boatsetter is a marketplace where boat owners, renters, and captains are brought together. It also has the only peer-to-peer boat rental insurance policy, making it the only company in the country that can provide secure, legal, insured peer-to-peer boat rental. 

Renting a boat is also a great night date idea.

2. The Escape Game LA

This option is great, especially if you’re going on a double date.

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At The Escape Game LA – which opened a few months ago, in October 2022 – you and your date will enter into a highly immersive, multi-room set where you’ll crack codes, uncover clues, and solve puzzles in order to escape before time runs out.

With several themes to choose from, this activity is great for anyone. There are four exciting adventures to choose from:

  • The Depths: Dr. Humphreys, a brilliant researcher, has gone missing and there are rumors of mysterious experiments since he disappeared. Can you discover what Humpheys was hiding?
  • Special Ops: Mysterious Market: During a routine investigation of a local market, your team of special agents encounter a twist you didn’t expect.
  • The Heist: You have 60 minutes to recover a priceless painting from inside a prestigious art museum. The recently stolen masterpiece is presumed hidden within the office of the museum’s egotistical curator, Vincent Hahn.
  • Prison Break: You and your team have been wrongfully accused of a crime and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Can you escape before the warden returns?

3. Stargazing at Griffith Observatory

As professional photographer and travel blogger Adam Marland mentions, one of the best night date ideas in Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory.

The Griffith Observatory is a world-class stargazing destination that invites you to explore the distant wonders of our universe through a Zeiss telescope.

The observatory first opened in 1935 and is open to the public every clear night. It is a fun and romantic place to take a date for an interactive experience while also having plenty of opportunity for deeper conversation.

If nights are not an option, the earthly views are notable, too!

Located on Mount Hollywood, the observatory allows you to take in the panoramic sights of downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Hollywood sign, and the Pacific Ocean.

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4. Visit the LACMA

As Adam suggests, one of the best date ideas in LA is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

The museum of art makes for the perfect date even if modern art is not your thing!

Of particular note is the Light Installation, which is comprised of 202 restored antique street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s.

These lamps were once spread throughout Southern California, but have been re-purposed to create one of the most fun and interesting displays you will find in the state.

You can use the Light Installation as an excuse for some playful, funky, and colorful photos.

5. A Bike Ride Along The Strand from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach

If you and your date are both bike lovers, you can start your romantic afternoon with a bike ride along the strand from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach.

You can rent a bike at Hermosa Cyclery.

Then, you can peddle north and check out the incredible homes on one side of the path and the ocean views on the other.

After a 15-20 minute ride you’ll arrive at Manhattan Beach, where you can take a break.

You can walk hand in hand as you shop at the local boutiques, walk toes in the sand, or head out onto the pier to watch the surfers catch a few waves.

If these activities are not for you, you might enjoy a refreshing beverage where you can admire the ocean from places like StrandBarSimmzy’s, and Culture Brewing Co.

Then, after returning your bike, you can enjoy an epic sunset in Hermosa Beach.

To finish off your romantic date, you can also try one of the terrific nearby restaurants for dinner.

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One of the best ones is Palmilla Cocina Y Tequila.

6. Majordomo

As TimeShatter CEO, Brian Donovan recommends, a great place for a romantic night date in Los Angeles is the restaurant Majordomo.

“I’m a little biased here, because I’m a huge fan of David Chang and try to eat at his restaurants any time I get the chance. That said, it’s such a friendly and welcoming space. It’s wide-open with tons of light, the mood is busy and hip, and the food is delicious. I’d say the meals I’ve had there are easily my favorites in all of LA,” says Brian.

7. A Night Ride on the Echo Park Swan Boats

As Tripplo CEO Axel Hernborg, suggests, one of the best night date ideas in LA is a night ride on the Echo Park Swan Boats.

When it gets dark, the swans light up, which makes the experience even more romantic and unforgettable.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll definitely go there soon.

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8. Enjoy a Movie at the Melrose Rooftop Theater

Going to the movies maybe is not the most original idea, but what about enjoying a movie on a rooftop theater?

Now, that’s romantic! And that’s a perfect night date idea in summer.

As David Angotti, CEO of HawaiianIslands.com, suggests, a nice and original place where you can take your date is definitely the Melrose Rooftop Theater in West Hollywood.

You also have the option to have dinner before the movie.

It’s a classic twist on a standard date idea, and it’s a great way to enjoy the spring weather.

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9. Try Getaway

This one is, in my opinion, the best date idea.

If you’re looking for the perfect date night to spend time with your special person enjoying nature and sleeping in a cozy cabin, then you should definitely try Getaway.

Getaway is the perfect option for people who want to take a break from the city, technology, and work, to relax and reconnect to who and what matters.

Their Big Bear outpost is located just two hours outside of Los Angeles and it provides a perfect date night for couples who want to unplug and recharge.

You can check their amazing pictures on their Instagram account.

10. Wine Tasting at Cork Dork

If you and your date are wine lovers, this is the perfect date idea for you.

About an hour outside of Los Angeles is a hidden oasis for the lover of the fermented grape, called Cork Dork.

Cork Dork is a boutique wine bar and restaurant in Westlake Village.

It offers guests a unique selection of high-end wine pours that usually are not available by the glass at restaurants, as well as a full menu, and a curated selection of local beers.

Guests have the option to experience each wine on Cork Dork’s 40-plus wine list with either a 2-ounce or 5-ounce pour, or by purchasing a bottle and allowing the in-house sommelier to further educate themselves about what they are drinking.

11. Visit LA’s Largest & Oldest Public Market

As President of Select Date Society Sandra Myers suggests, a great date idea in LA is the Grand Central Market.

Grand Central Market is open until 9 pm, seven days per week.

Whether you are in the mood for sushi or pizza, here you will find something to satisfy your cravings.

A great way to explore the Grand Central Market on a date is to taste test several vendors to rate which ones you enjoy the most.

Compare your scores and enjoy playful banter as you discuss the results.

Going to the market allows you to have several mini-dates within your date as you move about to different vendors exploring along the way.

12. Watch The Sunset From El Matador Beach

Here’s another suggestion from Sandra I love: watching the sunset from El Matador State Beach.

I don’t know about you, but for me, this is one of the best night date ideas if you live in Los Angeles.

The almost hour drive to get to El Matador State Beach is completely worth it, especially if you’re there to enjoy the sunset.

You’ll make the long drive past Culver City and Santa Monica before arriving.

Once you arrive, you will feel like you are looking out over a beach in Europe. It doesn’t get much more romantic than watching the sun go down from the rocky cliffs.

Make sure you wear sneakers, as the area is steep and full of gravel.

13. Enjoy a Cooking Class

Now, we also have a nice recommendation from Hostelworld: cooking classes in Los Angeles!

What is more romantic than a date night cooking class? This original way to test your potential lover’s skills will make your day.

You can learn how to cook Mediterranean food, from Greek to Italian, or maybe learn to prepare some South American dish.

On Cozy Meal, you will find plenty of options, from pasta making to Moroccan or even Spanish tapas.

14. Post & Beam

As Sodexo Magic President, Selena Cuffe suggests, a great night date idea in Los Angeles is Post & Beam.

“Located in Black Beverly Hills, Post & Beam is a favorite date night spot for my husband and me, thanks to their incredible food, cozy feel (we only notice each other while there), and convenience (less than a five minute drive from our home)” says Selena.

She adds “I’ve had the chance to dine at quite a few Michelin rated restaurants around the world. Post & Beam easily holds its own against this group!”