What Does Working with Select Date Society Look like?


We recommend this membership for someone in search of access to higher quality singles, however, not necessarily looking for the support and feedback from a personal Matchmaker. If the search is your primary challenge, then this is the perfect membership for you.

  • How to get started
  • Once you fill out your profile, one of our Matchmakers will reach out to you personally. We will make a decision, based on your criteria, whether or not to approve you as a Select Date Society member. Our Matchmakers will share with you their confidence level in providing you the resources you require. If approved, you will then have access to the highly sought after singles in our network. We will send you appropriate matches, including bios and photos to your profile resource page.
  • You select your match and then let us know the incredible single you have selected to meet. We will then begin the introduction process.
  • Our Matchmakers will reach out to your selected match and advocate for your meeting. You will receive a follow up email to confirm the date is moving forward.  We will share with you the contact information for your match, once the date has been approved. You will take it from there.
  • Once you have met your match we encourage you to send any feedback. This will guide our Matchmakers in selecting future selections for your resource page.

Concierge Level

  • How to get started
  • Our Concierge level clients will receive the Access level above, and in addition, will also have the luxury of working with a Date Concierge. Your Date Concierge manages the setup of your initial date and verifies everything is planned out carefully, for optimum success. They will then confirm your date and manage reservations for you, without any hassle on your end. Your Date Concierge will reach out to both parties, acquire availability, and find the perfect setting to arrange the date.
  • Concierge level clients are given one feedback session during their membership, which can be utilized at any time.
  • Concierge level members have the first opportunity to upgrade to the Platinum level of service, should they choose to, when openings come available.

Platinum Level

(Limited Space)

  • How to get started
  • Our Platinum level of service allows for complete one on one support to achieve optimum results. You will have all the opportunities of  the Access and Concierge levels of service, with the addition of a personalized Professional Matchmaker to assist you throughout your journey.
  • Our Professional Matchmakers will want to get to know you better once you are accepted as a client. We will set up a call to get more detailed and in-depth information about you and your life’s history with love. We will tailor a program specifically for the time constraints of your lifestyle, yet deliver the necessary support for optimum success.
  • Platinum clients have priority access to all incoming members and will also have an exclusive Private Search conducted throughout their membership. We want our Platinum’s to have access to not only our network, but to all singles we have access to, through our endless connections throughout the dating community.
  • Platinum clients have the opportunity to discuss their selected date with their Matchmaker, prior to the meeting. Should you have questions prior to the introduction, we will make sure they are addressed. Our Matchmakers ensure we will reserve your time for only the most highly vetted opportunities. This luxury premier level of service provides you the most direct and expedient path to success. Platinum clients want to cut to the chase and make it happen!

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