Select Date Society started with the idea that singles today need a better option in the dating arena.  The one size fits all approach of most services, whether it’s online dating or personal matchmaking; doesn’t seem to produce the results our clients desire.  In listening to the experiences of singles for over twenty years, our Matchmakers have come to understand that each client has very specific needs, in order to succeed. Each matchmaker takes a tailored approach to create an opportunity for clients to have optimum success. 

 Our clients expect to be one of the select few, not one of many, as it is with large franchise organizations.  Clients choose Select Date Society for the exclusiveness, as well as, our highly seasoned team of Professional Matchmakers. Our clients know their expectations of both quality and service will be exceeded.  SDS Matchmakers will take the time to custom fit a program specifically for you, so that you can achieve your desired end goal!

Most singles we have worked with throughout the years actually have most of the criteria to be in a successful relationship. The challenge has been more about the access to quality singles, rather than meeting people in general.  In other cases, we have worked with singles that appreciate the additional support from their own Personal Matchmaker. The client may want the insight to make informed decisions and feel the guidance of a Personal Matchmaker will accelerate their end goal.

We know that no one will be determined and persevere when they are blindly dating.  They will find in the dating world it’s more of an arduous task, a means to an end, rather than a fun dating experience.  Select Date Society Matchmakers will definitely play a huge role in turning that around!


Our approach has always been, take care of the client and the business will take care of itself.  If you are in search of a unique professional approach to dating, that encourages and supports you in your endeavor, then Select Date Society is the perfect choice.   Our firm puts singles back in the drivers seat, so they can actually get excited about dating again!  So whether you are just getting back into the the dating arena, or you are someone ready to find the love of your life, SDS Matchmakers will make that happen!

Select Date Society personally tailors the service by membership level, to encompass the client’s expectations and provide whatever is necessary for their success.  SDS allows  selective singles to not only feel supported, but more importantly, understood.  Select Date Society provides singles a fun dating experience, while maintaining incredibly high standards of selection and service. We set singles up to succeed, while eliminating the time investment of dating on their own!

The goal is to make dating fun, with a specific action plan, in order to achieve success. Whether our Matchmakers are involved minimally, or you want thier full support, SDS will be laser focused on making this last life challenge achievable!

Amber artis

Amber artis

Founder / CEO

Amber is a certified matchmaker and certified strategic intervention coach with a bachelor of science in business administration. She has been a professional matchmaker since 1998. Amber combines her experience, knowledge, and intuition to help her clients find their perfect match!

The mission for Amber is to deliver the best of what the matchmaking industry has to offer, all in one firm. With over 20 years in the industry, Amber has not only created the best dating options for accomplished single professionals, but has also hired the best team of professional matchmakers in the industry. This highly seasoned group of matchmakers has the expertise and experience that deliver clients the results they deserve!

While we take care of your heart, know you will take care of someone else’s.  Select Date Society will donate a portion of your membership directly to the American Heart Association. Amber has an extraordinary personal story of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest and miraculously survived. To honor Amber’s miracle, SDS is committed to giving back to this incredible organization with every heart we touch!

WHF welcomes the American Heart Association's new President and Board  Members - World Heart Federation

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