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October 27, 2021

Love & EntrepreneurshipCreate Clarity with Charity

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Amber Lee

Create Clarity With Charity with Charity Brown

Episode 014- Love & Entrepreneurship

Amber Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Select Date Society, a professional matchmaking website for elite singles. Amber is a certified matchmaker and certified strategic intervention coach with a bachelor of science in business administration. She has been a professional matchmaker since 1998. Amber combines her experience, knowledge, and intuition to help her clients find their perfect match!

Tune in as Charity and Amber discuss:

●    Why signing up for Select Date is a lot like having a reliable friend to introduce you to top-tier singles in your area

●    How Amber bounced back from a surprise sudden cardiac arrest to go on to found Select Date

●    What’s next for Select Date Society

●    How dating sites identify and utilize KPIs

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