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July 2, 2021

24 Romantics and Relationship & Dating Experts Share Their Top At Home Date Night Ideas

At Home Date Night Ideas
At home date nights were always a thing, but in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding quality at home date night ideas became a necessity. As state and local governments issued shutdown orders to slow the spread of COVID-19, the usual date night hot spots were forced to close and couples were left to find unique ways to spend quality time together in the comfort of their homes. Even as the world reopens and pre-pandemic date night ideas are once again within the realm of possibility, at home date nights are just as fun, romantic, and even more intimate than a night out on the town. If you’re looking for ways to spice up an evening in with your significant other, consider our Chocolate Strawberry Dipping Kit. It includes everything you need to make a dozen mouth-watering chocolate dipped strawberry creations, complete with Edible’s® Dipping Chocolate and an assortment of scrumptious toppings. If you’re planning a night of movie watching, our Movie Night Curated Box is sure to impress the one you love. Packed with an assortment of delectable snacks perfect for munching on while you take in a classic hit or a new release, it’s the perfect way to spend the evening snuggling instead of spending hours prepping movie snacks in the kitchen. Or, make the night romantic with our Share The Love Gift Box, packed with sweet shareable treats like chocolate dipped fruits, assorted fresh-baked cookies, milk chocolate covered graham crackers, and more. It even comes complete with a cuddly plush bear. For more amazing at home date night ideas you should try, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their best at home date night ideas.

Monica DavisMonica Davis

@mystraightener Monica is a professional men’s and women’s hairstylist and a success coach. After working in more than 15 different hair salons across the U.S., she settled in Texas and started the MyStraightener blog where she shares everything she knows about hair. “My husband is a Pisces and a huge romantic. Here are some of his best home date night feats: 1. Attic Mystery (Cottage Core Style) If you have a house with a clean attic or an attic room, you can use it as a place for a mysterious home night date. The vaulted roof creates an incredible atmosphere, while the beams are perfect for light strings. Take a checkered tablecloth, small cushions to sit on, a few candles to put a light accent in the middle of the improvised table, a picnic basket, and something your partner enjoys eating. For such an atmosphere, I would recommend blanc wine, grapes, blue cheese and Bree, prosciutto, Parma ham, and nothing heavier than that. Oh, and don’t forget to play a cottage core playlist from a hidden speaker. Your loved one won’t forget such a romantic attic night! In summer, you can do the same under a large tree in your garden. 2. A Sudden Party Invitation This idea is perfect for the quarantine lockdown. Here’s how to have a fabulous night:
  1. Act like nothing is happening the whole day leading up to it.
  2. Prepare a party invitation for your partner – take a ready-made card or make your own and write a mysterious party invitation on it. Include the time and address of the party and highlight the dress code.
  3. Prepare the costumes for both of you – you can pick up a suit or prepare the best evening dress for your partner, depending on their preferences. Hide the costume somewhere and let it be a small quest for your partner to find it.
  4. Prepare a dancing playlist – choose the songs you both like dancing to or the tracks that match the style of your party.
  5. Cool the beverages – you know what to choose better!
  6. Have fun and give your love a boost without going outside!”

Allie JordeAllie Jorde

@palaceescape Allie is the Head of Business Development and Operations at Palace Games. “My go-to at home date night is a virtual escape room. In a virtual escape room, my partner and I can work collaboratively on fun challenges and puzzles. Not only do we feel a sense of accomplishment afterward, but we usually learn a thing or two about how well we communicate and problem-solve together. We really like the virtual escape rooms from Palace Games, as the games are very collaborative and we have to work together in order to be successful. We like that we can play whenever we want (it can be hard to schedule a time with our two toddlers) and can invite others to join for a group date night.”

Cierra LoflinCierra Loflin

Cierra is the Chief Marketing Officer at Zodiac Guides. “These are my top at-home date night ideas.
  • Go camping in the backyard! If you or a friend has a tent lying around, why not spend a night camping in the backyard? You can look at the night sky, tell ghost stories, and roast marshmallows over a camp grill. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to spice things up with your partner.
  • Have a read-a-thon. Is there anything more romantic than reading a book of poetry out loud to your partner? If you’re both down, reading to each other can be a beautiful, simple date night.
  • Make it a double-date game night. Invite another couple over and crack out the playing cards. Some easy games everyone knows are Monopoly Deal (the card version!) and Uno. Make some popcorn, uncork a bottle of wine, and let the fun begin.”

Amber LeeAmber Lee

Amber Lee is a Relationship Expert and the CEO of Select Date Society “With a little creativity, you can enjoy a great night at home with your partner. Here are some ideas:
  1. Go camping in your own backyard. Start a campfire and make s’mores together. Make sure you bring out some cozy blankets and music to enjoy.
  2. Recreate your favorite restaurant at home. Create an at home version of your favorite restaurant meal. Set the scene! Use nice linens and pretty dishes, light candles, and create a menu. If you have kids, let them play host or hostess or let them be the server.
  3. Have a tasting. Choose your favorite drink – wine, whiskey, or tequila. Pick up a few bottles and have a blindfolded taste test together.
  4. Make a charcuterie board together. Put on music and have fun creating the board together. Pair it with a great wine.
  5. Recreate your first date. Pretend that you are meeting for the first time and try to recreate the first time you went out!
  6. Have a game night. Make a bet to spice things up and bring out your competitive spirit!
  7. Netflix and chill. Choose a series that neither of you has seen yet and binge-watch the first season together.
  8. Relax with an at home spa night. Take a bubble bath. Put on face masks. Give each other massages. Help each other relieve stress and unwind.
  9. Play old school video games. Create some childhood nostalgia with a game of Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Classic.
  10. Take a virtual class. It could be cooking class, yoga class, or couples massage class. Learning together will bring you closer!”
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Nicole GrahamNicole Graham

@WomenioCom Nicole Graham is a lifestyle/relationship coach from Womenio. Womenio is an online go-to lifestyle magazine that gives advice on proper hair, nails, skincare routines, beauty tips, life hacks, and much more. “Attend a concert. Can you recall going to concerts? You and your partner can still watch a live concert by one of your favorite Leets without leaving the house until it’s safe to do so again. It’s more personal and relaxing. Turn up the volume and relax into the sofa for an audio-visual experience that you and your partner can share.”

Jerry HanJerry Han

@ThePrizeRebel Jerry Han is the Chief Marketing Officer at PrizeRebel. “Ever since the pandemic and being stuck at home, trying to keep up with date night hasn’t always been easy. But it has become even more essential to try and let go of the stress and have something to look forward to. While Netflix and chill will always be high on the list, there are two date nights at home that everyone should definitely try: Master Chef date night: There’s something ridiculously romantic about cooking for your date, especially when they’re right there with you in the kitchen trying to do their part by helping you. But why not add to the fun, by making a Master Chef date night experience? Instead of cooking side by side with your date, compete against each other to create the best dish by using the same ingredients. This will add to the fun, give you something to do together, and make sure you have a great deal of laughs. And in the end, if one meal goes bad, at least you’ll have the other. Board game night: Dates when you get to do something together are the absolute best. Games are always a lot of fun, bring out the worst and best in people allowing you to see more than one side of your date, and it’ll guarantee that you spend the night laughing, playing, and having a good time. Don’t forget to add some snacks and drinks to that with a good playlist, and you’ll definitely have a night to remember.”

Lacey WalkerLacey Walker

Lacey Walker is the Owner of Rebel Unicorn Crafts. She is a maker and painter who creates video tutorials and hosts virtual art and crafts classes. “Since the pandemic began, my husband and I have been participating in weekly at home date nights that have become increasingly more and more elaborate. We’ve made a speakeasy and played big band music, we turned our basement into a mine and ordered raw gem dirt and searched for gems, sang karaoke to available songs on YouTube, had virtual double date nights with friends, had high tea….and many more! We did this just by rearranging our house and finding ambiance sounds on YouTube. It has really helped to break up our weeks.”

Shefali ShahShefali Shah

@UpfrontOnline Shefali Shah is the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of Upfront, the first site dedicated to bringing pricing transparency to parents, and they’re starting with daycares. She previously worked for Google, advising clients in the healthcare, real estate, and travel industries on their digital marketing and sales strategy. “My favorite at home date night ideas are:
  • Making our own fancy cocktails at home. I love mixology and miss going out to new cocktail bars. At home I’ll buy all the ingredients to make interesting cocktails, and I’ll even make my own simple syrups. I’ve made spicy celery and cucumber gimlets where I’ve used my juicer to make the celery and cucumber juice. In the winter we love making mulled wine and just spending time together.
  • Early on, in the pandemic, we did a cheese tasting class over Zoom with another couple who was also on Zoom. It was a fun way to a double date from home, and cheese and wine make a perfect date to me.
  • My husband and I love games, and we tried an at-home murder mystery kit. We had both been working so much that taking two hours to focus on something completely different was the best break and we really felt like we got to do something different than just take-out and a movie.”

Luca VaccinoLuca Vaccino

Luca is the Founder of Best Rendezvous. “Here’s my favorite at home date night. First, go to your favorite wine/beer shop and pick out a fun beer or wine. Then go ahead and fire up the old grill and make some yummy steaks. After a 20-minute rest, throw those steaks on the grill. I prefer to keep mine medium-rare. While they are cooking, pull out a couple trays of ice with red cubes and clear cubes. Take the wine and pour a glass for you and your partner. While the wine is breathing, put some good music on and have a relaxed talk. That sets the tone for a fun, relaxed, and intimate evening.”

Sam WhittakerSam Whittaker

@mantelligence Sam Whittaker is a relationship expert and editor-in-chief at Mantelligence. “Here are three of the best at home date night ideas:
  1. Have a living room camp out. Camping is adventurous and exciting no matter where you are. Yes, even if you’re in your living room. Use the things in your home to make a tent. Eat food that you would when you’re out in the wilderness camping. Be creative with the lights and music to give your home a real camping vibe.
  2. Have a theme night. Come up with any theme at all, and then do everything according to that theme. Decorate your home according to the theme. Dress up based on your theme. If it applies, you should even act and talk like the theme you chose! It’s bound to be a fun and crazy night.
  3. Have a spa day. What’s a better date than relaxing at home with the person you’re most happy with? Lay out the oils and face masks. Have a spa day at home! Make sure to choose the right kind of music for it!
There are many ideas that you can do to make the most out of your at home date night. There are plenty of steps that you can take to make your home the best dating place ever. You can get more ideas here.”

Bertie CowanBertie Cowan

@BertieOutdoors Bertie Cowan is the founder of Effortless Outdoors, an avid hiker, camper, and a lover of everything outdoor-related. “One of the simplest date nights is enjoying a meal together. What makes it more enjoyable and romantic is cooking the meal together. For me, cooking together is an incredible bonding experience. To up the ante on date night, try having a wine tasting or a blind taste test. For the blind taste test, grab savory food items, a sweet decadent chocolate or ice cream, and perhaps his or her favorite wine. Blindfold the guesser and have them guess what the items are.”

Ludovic Chung-SaoLudovic Chung-Sao

Ludovic is founder of Zen Soundproof. He uses his experience as a Mechanical Engineer to compile Soundproofing DIY guides. His technical experience and natural curiosity help him break down complex topics to make it clearer for others. He also finds inspiration in sharing mindful habits. “Prepare a meal together along with a glass of wine. When I invite someone to my place for a fun date night, I make sure it’s not the first date. It would be too much pressure since, at this point, we’re still strangers. Around the third date is the ideal timing to invite the other to come over. I like to prepare dinner for the other person. I don’t believe it’s necessary to prepare the best dish in the universe. Just do something you like and are good at preparing. Propose that your date helps you in the kitchen. For example, he/she can help you to cut vegetables. It really can become a fun bonding activity. Do all of this while enjoying a glass of wine. You can even play your favorite albums in the background. A variant is to take care of the meal preparation yourself and assign the other a specific task like preparing cocktails. You give him/her the recipe and the ingredients and suggest, ‘Let’s make a deal. You take care of our drinks and I prepare the meal, alright?’”

Snezhina Piskova

@OliverWicks Snezhina is the Marketing Manager of Oliver Wicks. When she is not in front of her laptop, she is conquering some mountain top. Fueled by coffee, some of her creative boosters include traveling and playing with her cat, Hyde. “As the pandemic has led to the shutting down of several businesses, including our favorite restaurants, we’ve been forced to find new avenues for excitement in our lives. When I want to spice things up in my relationships – platonic and romantic – these have been the foolproof methods that have demonstrated affection towards people in my life.
  1. Spa Date: This will always be a good idea because home-spas create an air of intimacy and comfort. It is also a great idea for a girls’ night or a night with your significant other.
  2. Set up a Movie at Home: I absolutely love this. Turn out all the lights and put on some colored lights that simulate stars and project a nice movie for yourself and your loved ones. This is a great way to bond.
  3. Play Games: You can play board games like Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, or Jenga, or you can play cards. Charades is an all-time party favorite but this game is ideal for groups and not for romantic dates.
  4. Karaoke: Nothing is more fun than karaoke at home. There’s no pressure on anyone to have a voice as great as Sam Smith’s. Everyone is comfortable enough to put on a shower concert in the living room. This is sure to keep everyone entertained and happy.
  5. Cook Together: This is a fun activity to engage in with loved ones. Personally, I use this as an avenue to learn new recipes from my friends and family. You can choose to make easy or more complex dishes. You can also spice things up a little by being a bit competitive and organizing a cook-off with a few friends in attendance.
When it comes to at home date ideas, the list is really endless, and it always depends on the type of date as well as your ability to do something that is enjoyable for you and your significant other, while maintaining intimacy.”

Michelle DevaniMichelle Devani

Michelle Devani is a relationship expert and the founder of She has been helping people by giving solid relationship advice since 2003. “As a relationship expert, I strongly believe that at-home dates are actually better than going outside. Aside from staying safe from the effects of the pandemic, I think that this gives couples a deeper sense of intimacy. Here are my top two at home date night ideas:
  • Board game date. Playing board games like Monopoly and Scrabble will make a fun date because it will bring out a little competition between the two of you. Healthy competition can only make the relationship healthier by letting you get to know your partner better.
  • Stargazing by the backyard. If any of your houses are in a location with a clear view of the sky, then stargazing is a great date night activity. This activity prompts deeper conversations brought about by the silence and the romantic outdoor ambiance. When done right, stargazing with your partner will make you closer to each other.”

Samantha MossSamantha Moss

@romantific Samantha Moss is the editor and content ambassador at Romantific. “As a relationship expert, date night, whether outside or at home, can help strengthen the relationship by simply being together. There are some instances when a date leads to a more intimate moment, which intensifies the connection. Nowadays, it is unsafe to go out because of the pandemic, but don’t make it stop you from doing your date nights with your partner. Here are some at home date night tips you can use: Experience around the world cuisine. Learn a dish from your favorite country and cook it during the date night. Decorate your house with the famous tourist attraction of the country to make the experience extra special. Karaoke night. This is a fun way to spend the night together. Everyone is a singer just waiting to be discovered. Make it more romantic by choosing songs that you dedicate to your partner and prepare beers and chips to make it more enjoyable.”

Piyushi DhirPiyushi Dhir

Piyushi is a businesswoman by profession and a writer by passion. She is a published author of two bestsellers and is currently working on her third book. Piyushi has a unique perspective on healthcare as she is managing the health of four generations in her family, including her very elderly grandparents and elderly parents. “As a parent to young children, having a date night with my husband seems impossible. What we have since done is enjoy an early morning breakfast date. We try to have our date once a week. It really is the perfect time to reconnect with my husband while enjoying a hearty breakfast before the kids wake up and our day gets busy.”

Ashleigh SaundersAshleigh Saunders

@yaasastudios Ashleigh is a product specialist at Yaasa. You’ll often find her spending time on Pinterest looking at interior design and things that make your space elegant. In her spare time, Ashleigh enjoys spending time with her loved ones. “Date nights are important in a relationship. They allow you and your partner to have one-on-one time to catch up and just be. There are so many different things to do for date night, but sometimes when the budget is tight, staying home is the best option. There is no need to go over the top; less is more. A simple night in can include candles, flowers, food, and a movie. To make it extra special, one could set up a projector to create a movie house atmosphere or create a “fort” with sheets and pillows. To add extra comfort to the mix, the award-winning chunky knit weighted blanket from Yaasa can be used to cover you and your loved one while you press play and enjoy the movie. This blanket reduces stress and anxiety, stimulating the production of serotonin.”

April MaccarioApril Maccario

April Maccario is the founder at AskApril. “Staying in for date night doesn’t have to be boring; you just have to be creative. As a relationship and dating expert, date night at home could be just as fun as going out. With a bit of preparing and creative ideas, you’ll have no trouble recreating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Craft together. Have fun with craft and art materials to bond with your significant other. Paint, color, or just mess around. Getting loose and creative can be relaxing and is a great way to connect with your partner. Play video games. Whether you are both avid gamers or newbies, playing video games can bring out a bit of your competitive side and can spice a relationship up. Play as a team or against each other. Video games can be an interesting date night idea.”

Theo GoodmanTheo Goodman

@HalfLemons Theo Goodman is the co-founder of Half Lemons. He built the app with his wife, Julie, to help them discover new recipes and find new ways of using the ingredients they buy. The app launched in January and is available for iOS. “My wife and I are big foodies, so our date nights always center around dinnertime – not just eating dinner together but also cooking together. Most nights, we cook dinner at home using a meal plan we create each week, so it’s important to us that our date night meals are different from the rest. Fancy. Especially delicious. For this, we turn to an iPhone app called Half Lemons. The app serves up recipes you can make using the ingredients you have on hand. We kick things off with a friendly competition over the dinner time recipe. Separately, we each plug a set of ingredients into the Half Lemons app and pick our two favorite dinner ideas. Then we pitch them to each other and let the best recipe win. Once we’ve chosen the winner, the loser is responsible for picking the wine. Together, we’ll go shopping for our ingredients and bottle of wine. We’re not professional chefs. We’re amateurs, at best. But we enjoy cooking together. It’s half the fun of our date night. So we try to pick recipes that will have us in the kitchen for a good hour or two. Music blasting. Wine flowing. And we cap it all off with the fruits of our creation by enjoying a delicious dinner on the balcony of our New York City apartment.”

Lily UgbajaLily Ugbaja

Lily Ugbaja is the Founder of “My top at home date ideas include:
  1. Have a friendly cooking competition: Yes, it’s time for you to show the stuff you are made of (or what your meal is made of). This is creative, fun and the best part is that you get to eat afterward!
  2. Bookclub for Two: If you have books you would love to read together, do it on a date! Host a book club for you two to read and ask each other questions during your date night. Of course, you can do that with snacks and drinks to spice it up.
3.Have A Themed Date Night: Since we do themed birthday parties, why not a themed date night too? From the food you’d eat, movie to see, music to play, clothes to wear, how to speak, and more, you can choose a theme and have a date night around that. Examples are Asian, Italian, 1980s, movie or TV show themes (Game of Thrones, etc.), and the like.”

John LindenJohn Linden

John Linden is an interior designer from Los Angeles. “Here are some of my personal favorites:
  1. Watch TV together. Pick an episode of your favorite TV show and settle down together on the couch with some ice cream (or whatever treat your heart desires).
  2. Introduce each other to new music. I always love hearing what my wife is listening to, and I often discover new Leets this way.
  3. Read books out loud to each other. I’m sure you already do this with your children, but the benefit here is that it’s a guaranteed date night that only lasts for as long as your reading time.”

Jennifer SchultzJennifer Schultz

@Outforia_ Jennifer Schultz is an Outdoor Guide & Instructor at Outforia. “A lot of us have had to cancel travel plans and have been feeling cooped up at home, so a great idea for date night is to watch filmed tours of places you want to travel to after the pandemic. You can watch ride-throughs of famous cycling trails, or use a VR headset to walk through the Amazon rainforest. It can be a good way to satisfy your travel bug, at least for a while, and reminisce about places you’ve traveled together.”

Kaitlyn ShortKaitlyn Short

@KaitlynShort_BC Kaitlyn Short is a Content Marketing Strategist for Best Company, specializing in lifestyle consumer choices. She is dedicated to helping consumers craft their ideal lifestyle with inside information on top products and services. “Create an opportunity for connection with these unique at-home date night ideas. Escape Room in a Box (or Cooperative Board Game) If you and your significant other tend to be overly competitive, an escape room in the box is the perfect solution. You can work together to solve the puzzle without increasing competitive tension. Plus, this at-home option is usually much cheaper than attending an actual escape room for two people. You can order an escape room box from Amazon or a subscription-based escape room such as Sherlock Holmes or Hunt a Killer. Fondue Night Light a few candles and melt some cheese or chocolate for a special fondue night. Before the night starts, you can research some fun conversation starters and questions to talk about over fondue. If you are looking for a fondue kit, fruit dipping kits can be ordered through Edible Arrangements®. Virtual Dancing Lessons Learn how to dance without embarrassing yourself in front of others. From hip-hop to ballroom dancing, there are lots of online videos that can teach you a new dance. Put on your dancing shoes, clear away the furniture, and enjoy a romantic evening of dancing. Science Experiment Remember those grade school science experiments? Well, it’s time to bring out your childhood curiosity with a fun science experiment. These experiments may include making a cloud in a bottle, creating magic mud, or growing crystals. Purchase a science experiment kit or research a DIY science experiment online.”

Darrian WilkinsDarrian Wilkins

Darrian Wilkins is the Founder of Kitchen Fold. “The date night idea I have in mind is the cook-off challenge date night. Since it is my passion to cook, I also want to express my feelings through cooking. The cook-off challenge is not the most romantic type of date night. However, it can be a relationship booster. Both of you can explore things through cooking. Choose a particular food to create, and each of you can taste each other’s course at the end. You can also be honest with each other about how you feel about the food that you have cooked. Not only have you challenged each other, but you also have cooked food for your date.”
No time to prepare for a fun and unique date night? Make it simple with our romantic Chocolate Strawberry Dipping Kit, or choose one of our fabulous curated boxes for a complete set of done-for-you snacks the two of you can enjoy long into the night