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February 18, 2022

Have you watched the show “Love is blind?”

Talk about a binge show! I heard about the show and thought it sounded a little ridiculous and wondered what the show’s appeal was. When you are a matchmaker, you know there is much more than a connection of friendship to keep a marriage thriving. I wondered if these relationships would survive? I watched the show and found myself addicted and intrigued at the same time. The participants were attractive, seemed to want a relationship genuinely, and had come into the process with an open mind. So what did I conclude at the end of season one?

President Sandra Myers

First, I realized that they all seem to have a checklist that they feel will produce the perfect partner. They appeared to deviate from their list the more emotionally connected they became. Second, it was nice to see that the human element of values and common paradigms were the victors in this setting. The men especially were able to connect on natural established belief systems without filtering or making adjustments based on chemistry.

Lastly, I realized that even when you have a deep connection with someone and your ideals align, this does not make for a successful long-term relationship. I watched intently as each of the couples saw each other for the first time. This was stressful! The elusive ingredient to a successful relationship still has to include chemistry.

I could immediately see who had chemistry and who was trying to force it because they genuinely were falling in love with their pod partner. I loved that they had a deeper understanding of each other before the chemistry came into play; however, taking out the physical piece does not always allow the relationship to endure once the physicality is revealed.

As Matchmakers, we take care of the missing link in this experiment. We bring instincts and intuition—a matchmaker’s third-party involvement, in addition to the soul searching that, aligns with the show’s premise, will get results. Unlike many dating apps, I have appreciated their showing a more profound connection at the forefront of dating. I love that the message of “Love is blind” was to dive deep when looking for a lifetime partner. When you marry that with a matchmaker’s influence, I see many more successful love stories in the future of dating.

If you’re wondering what working with a matchmaker would look like, then I encourage you to watch one of our engaged couples, Racheal & Travis. They have an incredible love story that will inspire anyone!

Rachael & Travis