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June 22, 2021

Date Concierge – Hannah Deau

Hannah Deau
Select Date Society

My days are extremely busy! I’m constantly juggling things, so I have to stay organized.

As a Date Concierge for Select Date Society, I am responsible for planning and scheduling dates for our elite matchmaking clients. When our matchmaking team makes a match, I get to work planning a fun first date for our clients. I get both parties’ schedules.

I talk to them about what type of food and atmosphere they prefer and then I get to work setting up the date. I make the reservations and confirm the date with everyone the day of. If you can imagine how busy it is managing just your own schedule, think about how chaotic it can be to manage 15-20 schedules all at once!

Our clients are extremely busy, so they rely on me to take care of all the details!


The pros are the people! Our clients are amazing! I get to work with celebrities, politicians, CEOs…. the most interesting people! I also love that I have to stay “in the know” about great date spots, which means I spend a lot of time going out to different restaurants and fun places to check them out before sending our clients there.


The cons are that if you are not detail-oriented, you will not be able to make it through the day! It takes extreme attention to detail, the ability to multitask well, and the ability to stay calm during the chaos to do this job well. When someone cancels a date that you spent a lot of time planning, it can be frustrating, so you have to learn not to take things personally.

Hannah Deau
Select Date Society

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Matchmaking is not a science but an art. Our professional matchmakers not only take care of our clients but we also help singles who may need another avenue to find love. As experienced matchmakers, we always want to help anyone we meet, find their path to love!