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May 6, 2022

Amber Lee was nominated and awarded the top honor “Woman of Impact” by the American Heart Association.

Congratulations to our CEO, Amber Lee, for being named Richmond’s 2022 Woman of Impact by the American Heart Association – Virginia! Amber has shared her own story of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest to raise awareness for the AHA and women’s heart health.

CEO Amber Lee

Millionaire Matchmaker Heart felt Mission

Select Date Society is committed to giving back by donating a portion of our profits to the American Heart Association from the moment we launched our business. At Select Date Society, we will continue to give to this vital cause! We tell our clients, “While we take care of your heart, your membership will take care of someone else’s heart.”

Select Date Society has been fortunate enough to raise a significant amount of money for the AHA, but more importantly, we have raised awareness. Our Professional Matchmakers not only take care of clients’ hearts, but they also take care of damaged hearts by supporting the AHA. Supporting an organization that gave Amber a second chance at life has special meaning for this highly seasoned team of Matchmakers.

CEO & Matchmaker Creates Select Date Society out of an almost tragic event

Amber has been a Matchmaker much longer than her 26 years of holding a professional title and business card. She has always said, ” It’s in my DNA.” Her passion for connecting hearts has now expanded to support the healing of damaged hearts. ” I have always known I operate at a high level of purpose. Matchmaking was my purpose, and after this life-changing event, I realized I needed to put myself in a position to be Matchmaking at a much higher level. I wanted to be the Matchmaker with a reputation of working with more intention and integrity. Creating Select Date Society with my business partner Sandra Myers resulted from an awful experience, but I am grateful for it.”

Amber’s cardiac arrest was the impetus for starting SDS, and Select Date Society continues to be the vehicle to support the American Heart Association.