Dating and Mental Health – Taking Care of Yourself While Seeking Love

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February 16, 2024

Dating and mental health are an inseparable pair. Yet, they are often overlooked, which could lead to several consequences. Online dating, for example, can lead to burnout and lower self-esteem. Add the fact that many singles nowadays already struggle with conditions such as depression, and you receive a truly explosive mix. 

This is why here, we shall explore the topic of mental health and dating, starting from the consequences that dating has on psychology and finishing with how to talk about your mental health with potential partners. We invite you to read on.

Mental Health and Dating – the Correlation

While there are differences between online dating vs. traditional dating, both may have a significant impact on your mental health. Below, we present several examples of common dating situations and the consequences they may have on your psyche.

Lack of Matches in Apps

One the most common problems in dating and mental helps occurs when you keep swiping in dating apps, yet do not find matches. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unattractive – the choice of the right pictures, descriptions and settings matters the most. Yet, it definitely makes you feel less attractive, doesn’t it?

This phenomenon can lead to lower self-esteem or even depression. This is why you should be wary of online dating and the effects it may have on your mental health.

Toxic Partners

Another danger awaiting you on the dating arena is the possibility of meeting toxic partners. Gaslighting, making you feel worse or feeling as if you’re not needed are just a few of the behaviors that you might faces. Yet, if you are unaware that someone is manipulating you (or is straight-out toxic without even realizing it), you might feel depressed.

You are especially susceptible to toxic partners if you are already suffering from mental health problems. This is why our dating tip here is: always look out for red flags!

Dating FOMO

In the context of dating, the fear of missing out, means being afraid of not finding the best partner. It is often connected with the paradox of choice – the more partners you can select from, the more likely you are not to pursue a relationship, believing that there is someone that you haven’t found yet.

This usually results in instability and lack of satisfaction in your love life, combined with guilt when you realize that one of your exes was an actual soulmate. It may also lead you to constantly asking yourself if you are good enough, which again can lead to your self-esteem being crashed.

Dating and Talking About Your Mental Health

The main question concerning talking about your mental health while dating is whether you should do it all. W often fear showing vulnerability, but hiding our issues means that we are not true to ourselves, doesn’t it? So, what is the best option? Being honest.

By telling your partner that you struggle with depression, or any other mental health problems, you show that you are open and care for them. Therefore, it might not be the best idea to play open cards on the first date, but you should talk about it on the second or third one.

How to Care for Your Mental Health While Dating?

There are a few ways how you can reduce the negative impact of dating on your mental health. You should:

  • Understand the issues – If you cannot find a match in an app, remember that it’s most likely due to the algorithm, not you. The same goes for other similar scenarios.
  • Be yourself – Don’t compromise on who you are with your partner, do as you like to.
  • Seek professional help – Sometimes therapy is the best option – it will help you go over your issues, both those that you have for a while, and the new ones that are the result of dating.
  • Be open about how you feel – Saying what you feel is the first step to dealing with your emotions, so don’t be afraid to talk with your partners about your mental health.

The Takeaway

Dating and mental health are interconnected – the former may affect the latter and vice versa. Therefore, it’s important to take care of your psyche when you’re still active on the dating arena – it will help you feel more happy and satisfied with your love life.

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