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November 12, 2021

Millionaire Matchmaker shares top dating tips

I think most of us wonder how we can effectively impact our dating life when things become stagnant and repetitive in nature. It can be a challenge, especially when you’re only able to consider a self-reflecting view of your date. This means there is no omniscient input, and you’re relying on your judgment alone. It’s interesting as matchmakers to hear clients say their date went well and that they were certain there would be a second date, only to find out their counterparts did not feel the same way. So how do you date successfully when you are the only one to judge?

When you want to have a successful end goal in your dating life, it is highly recommended to work with a Matchmaker in order to receive accurate and timely information, that in turn can affect your outcome. If you are unable to work with a matchmaker, then here are a few tips to give yourself an advantage in the dating arena and make the most of every opportunity.

Top 4 Successful Dating Tips

  1. When you are on your date, always look at things through rose-colored glasses and respond with the most optimistic attitude, even if you feel there may be a red flag.
  2. Keep track of any red flags that you come across on your date and find a way to ask about them later. Ask follow-up questions in terms of your own preferences, rather than pointing the finger at their choices or behaviors.
  3. Always consider if you have true information and leave the door open to discovering more about your date before you automatically judge.
  4. Find out if your date went well at the end of the date by asking if you can pick up the tab the next time. This will show interest on your part and indicate that you would like a second date. Their response to this will tell you everything, and you will immediately know their level of interest.

It is always easy to self-protect and guard yourself against what could possibly go wrong when you meet someone new, but we would encourage you to set your fears aside and give yourself the best shot by dating fearlessly. You can’t retract what you have said or done, but you can always revisit it if the issue persists. If you think about it, most people are not at their best selves on a first date. You need to keep that in mind and also remember that your date does not have the luxury of knowing how great you are…YET! When you take a chance and allow yourself to be more vulnerable, then you are more likely to connect with someone more readily. This will definitely move the odds of a successful love story in your favor.

Matchmaker Success Story

Love is something we all want and desire regardless of our age. Our team of Matchmakers works with a client as young as 24 and as young as 78. They always encourage clients to put their best foot forward and to look for the best in their dates as well. This will prepare them for when their person shows up. They will naturally be ready to show their best self every time, so there will be no regrets of not getting it right because they were unprepared.

Preparation + Opportunity = Success

This is true for all avenues of your life, and dating is no different!

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