10 Design Tips for a Sexy Bedroom

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February 23, 2024

What are our design tips for a sexy bedroom? You should add mood-building lighting, keep some candles nearby, remove office-like stuff, keep the bedroom soundproof, install a mirror, invest in a good audio system for romantic music, have your toys at hand, use warm colors, get a nice ornate and comfy bed and avoid placing furniture and cushions that could be distracting. Do you wish to find out more? Then read on.

Our 10 Sexy Bedroom Ideas and Tips

The bedroom is the heart of your home. You start and end every day, relax in it, and…have intimate time with your partner there. Therefore, your bedroom design is crucial, and here we have a few tips to help you turn this space into a truly romantic, sexy nest.

1. Sexy Bedroom Lightning Is the Key

Did you know that, according to a study by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, bright lighting boosts testosterone levels in men, hence enhancing their sexual satisfaction? (2016) Thus, adjusting the lighting in your bedroom to make it sexy is key. So, what is the best lighting for sex?

According to ElectricalDirect, which analyzed the 50 most memorable sex scenes in TV and film, your lighting should be right in the middle between complete darkness and full brightness. (n.d.) So, you should opt for warm lamps that can be dimmed and evoke a sexy atmosphere.

2. Get Candles

When preparing sexy bedroom lighting, you mustn’t forget about candles – they can really get you and your partner into the mood. Try experimenting with unusual candle shapes, and always keep a few candles nearby.

3. Get Rid of Electronics and Office Stuff

One of our most important design tips for a sexy bedroom is to move out your computer, cables, printer, and any other stuff that we associate with work. This way, your space will become cozier, and there will be fewer distractions during your intimate time. Plus, it is healthy to draw a line between work and leisure anyway.

4. Soundproof Your Bedroom

Sounds play a crucial role in the psychology of attraction. This is why it’s good to soundproof your bedroom to have the best time with your partner. You do not have to invest in professional soundproofing materials like acoustic panels or curtains – decorative rugs, bookshelves, and paintings will also help you reduce the amount of noise.

5. Install a Mirror

You absolutely need to get a large, ornamental mirror for your bedroom. It adds these extra sensations if you are ready to watch yourselves. Our sexy bedroom design tip here is: get a standing one – you will be able to move it around as you wish.

6. Romantic Music System

Music truly builds the atmosphere. Therefore, you should invest in an audio system that will let you and your partner immerse yourself in a romantic mood.

7. Have Your Toys at Hand

While you don’t want your toys to be lying around, you should keep them at hand in your sexy bedroom. Consider stashing them in a particular drawer or cupboard. This way, you can access them quickly, but they won’t spoil the decor.

8. Use Warm Colors

No matter what sexy bedroom ideas you like the most, you should make sure that the decor is in warm colors. It will enhance the feeling of coziness and build the mood.

9. Get an Ornamental Bed

A nice, comfy bed with an ornamental frame is a must in any sexy bedroom. Make sure that it’s versatile and doesn’t creak. After all, it is the heart of your bedroom, so it has to be perfect.

10. Avoid Placing Distracting Furniture and Cushions

Too many pillows on the bed, bright neons on the walls, or a closet that does not fit the decor – these can be true mood killers. If you want to design a sexy bedroom, you need one that will evoke intimacy and let you and your partner focus purely on each other. Therefore, remove anything that could be distracting.

The Takeaway

You know what the best lighting for sex is, and you got through all our tips for a sexy bedroom design – now it’s time to prepare your intimate nest! Don’t be afraid to go beyond your bed – the living room or kitchen are also great spots for you and your partner!

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