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December 31, 2020

How Does a Matchmaking Service Work?

Love seems to be the one thing we can all agree on, in that, at times, it can be challenging. It is a universal language and an aspirational experience we all desire. So how can you become accomplished in this area of life and keep moving things forward when you feel like giving up?

As Matchmakers, giving up on love is never an acceptable option ;-). In order to put yourself in a position of power, you have to consider what you have done and why it may not have worked well for you. When speaking with clients, it is evident that the underlying issue seems to be pretty consistent.

It’s not when they meet someone or how they meet someone, but it is who they meet that seems to be the issue. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about the laws of attraction and how they are not typically in our favor. This is typically the piece of the pie we need to adjust. (Look up the blog if you haven’t already read it).

So let’s start with making a change in how you are going to go about meeting someone next year:

  1. Hire a Matchmaker– This is the quickest and most effective solution.
  2. Go to events of things you enjoy doing, once you are able to.
  3. Tell people you meet and know that you are ready for a relationship and looking (self-advertise).
  4. Challenge yourself to be out and about, rather than hiding behind your computer.
  5. Be honest with yourself when you meet someone whether you are really interested. No “in the meantime” dating!
  6. Adopt the belief system that it is a matter of when and not if, this will happen for you (Your energy can attract or deter someone from wanting to approach you).

Relationships can be tricky, and should you not be working with a matchmaker, it is a good idea to choose someone you trust as a dating advisor. This will be someone who you can trust to hear the facts and keep an open mind as you start meeting people. They must be willing to share their objective opinion when you choose to bring someone new into your world.

This can help you feel more confident to make good decisions and hold yourself accountable for being wiser in love. Love is the most amazing gift, and yet when our heads are clouded, we can find ourselves in a tough spot. It’s a spot that all our clients have experienced and prefer to steer clear of in the future, if possible.

One thing our clients do is journal. This allows them to recall what they truly thought about someone before they were too invested. It’s a great way to self-evaluate and keep your decision-making in the right direction. The sooner you move on from where you should not be, the sooner you will get to where you should be. Make the main priority at all times be about finding “The One” and not just someone. This is when things will progress, and you will find the kind of love that you deserve.

There have been so many great love stories this year, and we know it happens daily! We look forward to our clients sharing their stories with you in the coming year, so they can walk you through their journey to such a wonderful accomplishment. When you make a commitment and put your mind to it, anything is possible!

We hope you enjoy the tips and hope they help to get you to the end goal you desire. There will be much more to come! We will always be in support of and offer advice to, anyone who loves love!

From all of us at Select Date Society, we wish you a Happy New Year & a Happy Love Life!

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