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June 28, 2021

Is Hiring A Matchmaker Worth It?

If you are reading this, you have considered hiring a matchmaker and haven’t yet taken the plunge, most likely out of the fear of not getting results. Anytime you go after a desired end goal, there is always the risk of not achieving it. It should not mean that you don’t consider it. Guarantees are for appliances, not for Love. Think about all the things you would not have done in life if you needed an absolute guarantee you would be successful?

Should I take the risk of Hiring A Matchmaker?

When you want quality opportunities and the best shot at success in the dating arena, it makes sense. The bigger risk is haphazardly meeting someone and wasting years with them when they’re just not good for you. Time is of the essence, and strategy matters when it comes to dating and finding love. Taking the path of least resistance is a smarter way to date. If you are willing to invest in yourself, then the risk is worth the reward.

When you wanted to go to college, or you needed to prepare for your career, there were emotional and financial investments. You weren’t guaranteed that if you went to college, you would come out and have a successful career. This is actually no different. The effort you put forth and how you choose to show up will have everything to do with your success.

Effort and energy are always the key factors leading to successful ventures. So my point here is, that hiring a matchmaker is not a guarantee, but it is a great opportunity.

How to be successful, if you choose to invest in a matchmaker:

We genuinely believe that what you pay attention to improves. If you are a pessimistic person or live in scarcity, then you will most likely get in your own way here. When you have a belief system that when you hit a speed bump, you should throw in the towel, then this will never work.

You have to decide if you are willing to allow for disappointment and growth, in order to get the reward you desire – LOVE! You will need to keep an open mind and not live by a list, as if you were ordering off a Burger King menu  ” Have it your way!”

You need to realize you can’t put a person to paper or reduce them to a few checkboxes. When you let go of the reins and allow the professional matchmakers to do their job, then you will find the person you are meant to be with.

As professional matchmakers, we know it can become tedious going out on date after date. We encourage you to find the good in whoever you meet when providing feedback. When you share positive attributes that you are seeing in your matches, your matchmaker can then focus on what is working, rather than just working around everything that is not. This will have a tremendous effect on how you will feel about your experience as well.

What do I do if my membership is not successful?

Success will be redefined in that you realize you are moving in the right direction.  You now have a professional matchmaker who knows you well! Most matchmakers will reach out to a previous client when they genuinely love working with them and feel confident they’re ready for a healthy relationship.

If you decide to be negative and continually get pickier throughout your membership, to the point where you have not allowed your matchmaker to do their job, then this may not happen for you. Your matchmaker may feel you will not treat a new client with a fair lens, or that you may speak negatively about your experience because you were not successful.

The name of the game always brings your best! Make it a point to keep yourself in the minds of people who are connected to great singles.  Many clients have learned a lot about themselves through their journey of working with a matchmaker.

Some clients have had success after their membership was finished. Their matchmaker chose to reach back out to them when working with a new client. Remember your matchmakers know you well and won’t forget you!

When you leave windows and doors open, more things can come your way. Stay positive, put forth the effort, and have the patience to stay the course!

CEO, Amber Lee, talks about being a professional matchmaker:

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