How Much Does A Matchmaker Cost (And Is It Worth The Money?)

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May 8, 2024

How much does a luxury matchmaker cost? They usually start at $50,000 and can run as high as $300,000. The exact cost may depend on what the service offers – apart from matchmaking, it may include insight sessions, concierge services, the possibility of discussing the date selection with the matchmaker, or even executive dating classes. Do you wish to find out more? Then we invite you to read this article.

How Much Does a Millionaire Matchmaker Cost?

Matchmaking services are the next level of dating. The selection process is taken care of by an experienced, professional matchmaker who picks the right single based on an interview with you. Naturally, this comes with a higher price – a price that comes with quality.

How does a luxury matchmaker (international or domestic) cost? There is no direct answer to this question. The prices might vary depending on your team’s experience, the matchmaker you work with, and the type of service. However, it is possible to estimate a price range for luxury matchmaking, which is:


What Affects the Cost of a Professional Matchmaker?

The price of high-end matchmaking services depends on the services included. These may vary based on the agency or membership level. What are the most common services that impact the cost of a matchmaker?

  • Insight sessions – One-on-one sessions with your matchmaker are when you can discuss the selected partner, evaluate your date, or talk about your partner.
  • Concierge services – The cost of a professional matchmaker might also be higher if the service includes working with a concierge who will manage your dates for you.
  • Discussing your date selection – Not all high-end dating services allow you to discuss your selection, which might involve additional costs.
  • Dating classes – Dating is not easy; this is understandable. This is why some executive matchmaking services offer you dating classes – usually, this increases the costs.

The Three Types of Membership at Select Date Society

At Select Date Society, we understand that elite singles have different needs. Therefore, we offer you three types of membership. Naturally, the type of membership also affects its cost. So, what can you select?

Concierge Level Matchmaking

This is the first level of our membership. What does it include?

  • A detailed interview with you – Our executive matchmaker will select your date based on the insights from the interview.
  • One insight session – You can use it whenever you want.
  • Concierge services – Your date will be managed from start to finish, letting you focus on your partner.
  • Upgrade priority – As a Concierge-Level member, you will have the first opportunity to upgrade to the Platinum Level when an opening becomes available.

Platinum Level Matchmaking

Our Platinum Level Matchmaking comes with all the benefits of Concierge Level Matchmaking, plus:

  • Complete one-on-one support – You can discuss your date with our matchmaker prior to the meeting.
  • Insight sessions after each date – To ensure that you are on track with your partner.
  • Private Search – Our Platinum members have access to our proprietary network and may benefit from our endless connections in the dating community.
  • Highly vetted partners – We ensure that each partner is the perfect match, making sure that you don’t reserve your times for singles with whom you won’t “click”.

Executive VIP Level Matchmaking

Our highest Executive VIP Level Matchmaking is a limited option since it is handled only by the finest matchmakers in Select Date Society: Sandra Myers & Amber Lee and their VIP matchmaking team.

Executive VIP Level Matchmaking has limited space since our team shall work with a maximum of 5 clients at a time. We want to invest as much time as needed to find the perfect partner for you, share our insights, and provide feedback. What does this level include?

  • First Date Master Class – An expert class with Sandra Myers.
  • Exclusive Private Extended Search – Conducted by Amber and Sandra, among other clients and personal contacts, to find you even more potential partners. If you are open, it will include international introductions.
  • Intuitive Date Strategy – A set of efforts to create the optimum mindset that will help you achieve success in the dating arena.

Is a Luxury Matchmaker Worth the Money?

Yes, despite the cost of hiring a professional matchmaker, it is one hundred percent worth the pay. With them, you will finally find the ideal partner, a true soulmate that matches your expectations. Plus, you will receive a fully confidential service aimed at achieving success. After all, meeting your second half is just the beginning, and dating is what truly determines whether you will create a long-term relationship.

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