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July 17, 2020

How to Date during Covid

The last few months have been interesting for us as a company. Many of our clients were concerned and began reaching out at the beginning of the Covid crisis. Their questions were about how do they continue to be productive in achieving their end goal under these conditions? We decided as a company that this is a time to get creative and stay the course.

We did not believe that connecting with another human being and creating a new and exciting relationship was only possible under one guise. So how have we continued to have success stories during this social distancing?

What we have come to learn is that a connection between two people has more to do with a common bond than chemistry alone. This situation has allowed our Matchmakers to rediscover where true chemistry starts, which is beyond the physical connection.
Obviously, one needs to be attracted to another in order to have a romantic interest, but past that, there also needs to be an understanding and common ground intrinsically that bonds us to each other.

Our clients are finding it has been easier to connect under this common struggle.

Conversations seem to flow when there is common ground to discuss, and commiserating with each other often sparks laughter and an outlet for the stresses they have been under.
The current environment has challenged everyone in the dating world, however, if we can shift our thinking, we can then take advantage of what has become the higher priority, that being people wanting to “MAKE THE TIME” to connect. Become innovative, and the opportunity to have great fun dating is still possible.
Many of our dates have met over FaceTime or Zoom, and some have decided to meet outdoors and go for a walk in the park or have a picnic. Just because the rules have changed doesn’t mean you take yourself out of the game. When two people have a spark, there is no denying it, regardless of being face to face or meeting through another venue like Facetime or Zoom.
When you are meeting new potential partners under the current circumstances, it actually forces you to connect on a deeper level. Chemistry is not the only driving force.  You will get to truly know each other on another level to where you can shake out whether this is someone that you can genuinely build something substantial with or not.

Dating in this environment also slows things down with the physical aspect of a relationship as well in a good way.

Our clients have been thoroughly excited about having a “TRUE” connection with someone before diving in and progressing their relationship physically. They like that they don’t have to play catch up on the emotional side because the chemistry between them moved things along quicker than they would have liked.
This, in turn, creates a substantial foundation for the relationship and also allows for a greater chance that the long-term goal of a committed relationship will be attained and genuine.
Think about how effective dating can be when you can actually spend the free time you have connecting with this person without the hassle of travel and setting up dates and planning right now. You are more likely to give someone a chance if the inconvenience is limited.
Who knows, you may find you give someone a chance because of the ease of dating right now that otherwise, you may not have. This would have been a missed opportunity if, under normal circumstances, you would have declined.

There is a lot of lemonade to be made of the lemons we have been dealt.

The biggest note to take away from this is that we all create our own reality about this, and it is a choice. Some of the best things in life have come out of the worst of circumstances. If you choose to be positive and stay determined in your end goal, Covid should NOT get in your way, in any way!
Be creative, be positive, and be a part of making life better for yourself. There are no gains to be had when you retreat because of difficulty. We challenge you to hold yourself to a higher level of thinking and get to the person you truly deserve to be with! Believe us when we say if they are determined and resilient like our clients, then they will still be looking!