How To Find Best Matchmaker Near You

June 2, 2021

How Do I Find The Best Matchmaker Near Me?

Amber Lee

11 hours ago·3 min read

You have been on all the dating apps and online dating sites. You have had so many bad first dates that your best friend suggests you write a book based on your experience (the sad thing is that you can’t decide if it would be a comedy or horror!) You are just about to give up on dating altogether when you hear a colleague say that their friend was just set up by a matchmaker and the relationship is going great.

A matchmaker?! You never knew that matchmaking was a thing in real life. Sure, you’ve seen the reality shows and Hallmark movies, but you never thought to check if there is a matchmaker in your area. So how do you find the best matchmaker near you and how do you hire the right matchmaker? Like anything in life, there are two sources you can trust… your close friends and Google!

If you’re interested in finding the best matchmaker to work with, start by asking your close friends and colleagues if they know of anyone who has ever worked with a matchmaker. You may be surprised to learn that many busy professionals have outsourced their love life to a matchmaker. In the business of love, finding the right matchmaker to play cupid for you is always great if it comes from a direct referral. When you know of someone who can vouch for the matchmaking service’s credibility and results, you’ll know you are in good hands!

If you ask around and can’t find a personal referral, turn to the next best source…. Google. Do a quick Google search for “matchmaker near me” or “high-end matchmaker” and Google will present you with many options. That’s the first step, but the next step is the most important one; Look at the Google reviews for the matchmaking firms you are considering. Matchmaking is a very personal service, but many clients will feel comfortable sharing their experience in an online review.

Read through the reviews to see if the firm has a common complaint, such as high staff turnover. When you see multiple complaints about the same issue, that’s a big red flag. Read how the company responds to complaints and see if it sits well with you. If it does not, continue your search until you find a company that feels right for you.

Once you’ve found a matchmaking firm that looks good, you’ll want to reach out to them to schedule an interview or consultation. This is an important step as you will get a sense of how the matchmaker works and if you trust your love life in her hands!

When you find the right matchmaker to work with, be ready to make a big emotional and financial commitment to find “the one!” High end matchmaking services typically start at $10k and go up from there. It may feel like a hefty price tag at first, but most professionals realize that they have spent far more on less important things, like their car. And when you are truly in love, it will be worth every penny!

Amber Lee

Amber is the CEO of Select Date Society, a luxury matchmaking firm. She is a certified matchmaker & certified coach.