13 Creative Winter Dates

October 27, 2021

Dating in Winter can be fun if you get creative

Winter is here again with its frigid temperatures! However, that also means cozy blankets and hot chocolate. Winter can offer great opportunities for fun and creative date ideas! Your first date is a special time where you need a comfortable setting that will allow you to get to know each other better. We brought in the relationship experts to help with some great ideas for dates- that can be used irrespective of your relationship status. 

Here is a complete list of winter date ideas suitable for your first date- or your second or really any date! 

The winter months offer an opportunity to cuddle up and get warm with someone special! While the weather outside may not be ideal, it gives you the chance to get creative with date planning. Here are some of my favorite ideas for winter dates: 

1. Have a S’mores Night

Get graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate and cuddle up by the fireplace. Dim the lights and add warm blankets to make it feel cozy. Although it’s less romantic, you can make the s’mores in the microwave if you don’t have a fireplace.  

2. Go On A Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

There is nothing more beautiful than going on a horse-drawn carriage ride in the snow! If your city doesn’t offer carriage rides, find a nearby city that does. After your ride, head to a local pub to warm up with a hot toddy.

3. Enjoy Sledding Or Ice-Skating

All of the fun things you did as a kid are even more fun as an adult! You’ll be sure to have lots of laughs as you bring out your inner child. 

4. Have a Group Date!

Host a game night for couples. The competition will create chemistry, witty banter, and laughter. Everyone will be sure to have a great time!

5. Do A Blind Taste Test Of Your Favorite Food Or Alcohol

Does he love whiskey? Do a blindfolded whiskey taste test to choose the best one. Does she love hummus? You can taste different flavors blindfolded to choose your favorite! 

Sandra Myers, Matchmaker & Relationship Expert Select Date Society

Sandra Myers

6. Cuddle Up On The Couch With Some Classic Flicks

Create some ground rules or a theme, whether you’re viewing a single movie or a marathon. Maybe you and your spouse want to watch some of your favorite movies from childhood together, or maybe you both want to watch movies about people who work in specific fields.

Jennifer Foster, Managing Editor, and Career/Life/Relationship Coach Authority Astrology

7. S’Mores Three Ways

With winter approaching, date nights at home will be a must! One of my husband’s personal favorites is making S’mores. This can be done in three different ways at home, all of which can keep a couple (or yourself) nice and cozy.

  • Sit outside on the patio by your outdoor fire pit table, stargaze and make your S’mores that way.
  • Grab the portable S’mores Maker and S’mores Kit from Amazon to make them inside while watching a romantic movie
  • If you have an indoor fireplace, put it to use by making your S’mores over it while sitting on a blanket and chatting away with your partner.

Lucy Reyes, Cheers to Life Blogging, a mom blog helping busy mamas master mom-life balance to enjoy more time with their family and spouse.

8. DIY Snow Cones

Nothing gets the sparks flying faster than talk of food. I recommended a couple to have a DIY situation in their backyard, where they set up a table with some sauces and toppings whilst holding two big cups that would collect falling snow. 

It’s DIY to the dot – with a little help from mother nature. It’s clean, it’s fun, and it’s going to get you both talking about your preferences, dislikes and still going to leave you hungry enough to go get a meal together if the date goes well! 

9. Picnic With a Twist

Who said picnics are for lazy summer days outdoors? Mix it up! Clear out space in the lounge or guest bedroom, and get to building your own blanket/pillow fort and cozy in together with some hot homemade classics. Make sure you sit next to a big window so you can fully embrace the view, and try to ignore the urge to check your phone and put on Netflix to get some old-school connections flowing.

10. Test The Fireworks With Some Fantasies

Before you raise your eyebrows – fantasies don’t always have to be sexual! Bring out the excitement of your inner child and pretend the power is out. Get some candles, jackets, and board games out as you solely enjoy each other’s company. Your partner can confidently say they’ve never been on a date like that! 

Sameera Sullivan, Relationship Expert

11. Sledding

As a relationship expert, my best winter date idea is to go sledding. Grab a set of sleds and head to the nearest hill if you live in a snowy place. You’ll be able to channel your inner child while also seeing your date in a playful attitude. Sledding is an interesting mix of old-fashioned sweetness, innocent joy, and packaged camaraderie.

You may either wait for snow by wearing your pajamas, or you can simply go sledding in the hills whenever you want. When your playtime day is over, remember to take some time for hot chocolate and a campfire date. 

April Maccario, Founder at AskApril

12. Bonfire Date

Going to a cozy place for a cold winter night is one of the best things that you can do. You can find these bonfires by the beach or in the forest.

13. Holiday Lights

You can enjoy a drive at night seeing a lot of holiday lights. Parks are mostly decorated with holiday lights during the winter because it’s an indication that the holidays are coming. 

Michelle Devani, the Founder of lovedevani