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March 8, 2024

How to flirt over text? Start with a witty banter, as suggested by Amber Lee, CEO of Select Date Society. Don’t overuse emojis, and keep the messages short. Think about your potential partner’s consent – the fact that you might like flirting through nearly sexual texts does not mean that the other side does as well. Do you want to learn more? Then we invite you to read this article!

Our Guide to Flirting over Text

With so many dating apps, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more, flirting over text has become crucial. It’s often the best way to break the ice and attract your partner. So, how to make a good first impression when texting? Here are a few tips!

How to Start Flirting over Text

In the beginning, you have to take your partner’s consent into consideration. As mentioned before, not everybody will like overtly sexual texts, and you might even find singles who do not like flirting over messages at all. So, how to start flirting over text?

You need to find the right time. When just starting, make sure that the other side is alone, sitting comfortably at their home. This way, you will be able to test their reaction without causing them to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Another viable option is to chat with your potential partner and discuss their opinion on the matter. This will let you learn what they like (and to what extent) so that you can avoid any potential faux pas in the future.

When you know what you can and shouldn’t do, start with a bit of a witty banter. Don’t take it too far, though – both of you want to feel comfortable.

The Best Ways to Flirt over Text

You have many ways of flirting over text when the initial awkwardness is broken. What should you remember about?

  • Keep your texts short – Be concise, and don’t overcomplicate your texts – you want your partner to understand them and flirt back quickly.
  • Don’t overuse emojis – Emojis were created to help keep texting brief. Therefore, if you use too many of them, you look childish. Don’t overdo emojis, but also add them from time to time – they are great for expressing emotions, after all.
  • Be subtle – While you can be suggestive, avoid coming on too strongly. This might be a major repellent, especially if you just met.
  • Make it positive – Surely, witty banter is great, but in the end, you want to keep your flirts positive. Upbeat, light-hearted messages, like subtle compliments, are the perfect way to do that.
  • Consider song lyrics and other art – If you run out of ways to flirt over text, find some song lyrics that express your move and paste them! The same goes for photos, paintings, or poems. Don’t do it too often, though – it will seem unnatural.
  • Use questions – The best way you can flirt over text is through playful questions. They will keep the other side engaged and encourage a flirty response!
  • Just wait for the response – Our final tip is: wait patiently for the response. Sometimes, sending a few messages in a row is natural if that’s where your conversation is going, but sending a follow-up text isn’t always the best option – give your partner time to respond, even if the message is already on read.

The Takeaway

Knowing how to flirt over text, you are ready to conquer the dating arena. No matter whether you prefer online dating vs. traditional dating, knowing all the ways to flirt over text is a crucial skill, as it’s the door to keeping your partner engaged.

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