How to Find a Right Life Partner with Select Date Society?

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May 29, 2024

How to find the right life partner with Select Date Society? Sign up for our membership and let our high-end matchmakers and concierges do the rest. In this article, we will explain the whole process in more detail – we invite you to read on.

How Do You Find a New Partner? Our Process Explain

Are you tired of traditional dating when you spend hours searching, swiping, and texting just to find out that your potential partner is…completely not what you are looking for? Do you keep asking yourself the same question: “How do I find a great partner?” Perhaps it is time for a change.

Our luxury matchmaking is exactly what you need. How does it work? Let us explain this in detail.

Sign Up for Our Membership

First, you need to fill out our inquiry form. We will then evaluate your application for membership based purely on our belief in your success. If approved, our matchmaker will contact you to proceed with the next steps.

We need to mention here that our inquiry (and the whole membership) is fully confidential. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you prioritize your privacy – we will ensure it.

Interview with Our Matchmaker

After approval, our matchmaker will contact you to conduct a thorough interview. This step is of the utmost importance – based on the information collected in the interview, our team will start looking for the perfect candidate for your partner.

Depending on the membership level (our clients usually start at the Concierge Level Matchmaking, but may upgrade to Platinum Level or Executive VIP Level) you might also discuss the selection with the matchmaker – this applies to Platinum Level and above.


With us, you know how to find a new partner – you just need to trust us – and you don’t have to worry about organizing the date. Our concierge team will manage the first date for you, ensuring that the experience is hassle-free and that you can fully focus on getting to know your partner.

Insight Sessions

You can also book an insight session with our matchmaker. For Concierge Level Matchmaking, you are limited to only one such session. At higher levels, there is no limit.

Why do we organize such sessions? Even if you know how to find a new partner, this is just the beginning – you still need to “click” with each other and build a relationship. Such insight sessions are meant to help you improve your skills in this area, hence ensuring that your love story becomes a success story.

How Much Does Our Matchmaking Service Cost?

Knowing how to find the right life partner with Select Date Society, you are probably wondering: how much does high-end matchmaking cost? This depends on the type of membership you shall sign up for. Nevertheless, the prices start at $50,000 and might reach up to $300,000.

Is our service worth the price? Absolutely. As you can see above, you will be guided throughout your entire membership, with our matchmakers selecting eligible, elite singles for you and our concierges ensuring that you go on unforgettable dates. It is not only the best way to find the love of your life – it is the most convenient one as well.

Why Select Date Society?

Our executive matchmaking team has over 25 years of experience and a rich private network from which we can select the best candidates for you. We treat everybody equally – our consideration of your application is based purely on our belief in your success. By selecting Select Date Society, you opt for experience, knowledge, confidentiality and high attention to detail – everything you need in your matchmaker.

The Takeaway

How to find the right life partner with us? All you need to do is complete our inquiry form, and we will take over from them. When approved, our team will select your partner and organize your dates, ensuring that the whole process is convenient for you. At higher membership levels, we shall also provide you with insights and a master class on dating. Our goal is straightforward – finding you a true soulmate. Therefore, we shall do whatever is in our power to ensure that your love story ends in a success.

If you want to learn more about Select Date Society, read our client’s testimonials and learn more about our matchmaking membership levels. Also, read our article on ultra wealthy matchmaker apps!